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Appendix B

Ideal Climate Ltd began trading in 2019 and is the sister company of Air Options Ltd falling under the Tekniikka group umbrella structure, giving it both the stability and expertise it requires to be successful. Ideal Climate focuses its attentions in the residential sector, leaving Air Options to focus on the commercial sector.

It is our number one priority to protect all parties involved from criticism or additional cost by offering excellent packages, completely managed and trouble free. This in turn protects our position as preferred supplier paving the way for a long and fruitful relationship.

Insurance & Design
HVAC solutions will be designed and engineered to industry standards and in line with good practices. Ideal Climate will apply common sense to all engineering solutions to ensure the package we deliver is fit for purpose and can be easily maintained.

We produce heat load calculations based upon floor area and a general wattage multiplier, per square metre. We use this method to size the equipment we propose, although are happy to work with consultant, or third party calculations, should they be supplied to us prior to quotation.

Ideal Climate incorporates Employers liability, Public liability and Professional indemnity insurance within its annual insurance buying programme where current levels of cover can be provided upon request.

Quality Insurance
Ideal Climate employ City and Guilds fully trained staff with current FGAS qualifications. This ensures our work is carried out to the highest professional standards, making us consistent in delivering the services we offer.

Industry Terminology
At many stages within the information contained as part of this quotation, there will abbreviated references. In an attempt to make this less confusing we have briefly summarised their meaning below:

HVACAn industry abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning which is used to refer to products or services of a general nature.
FCUAn Abbreviation of Fan Coil Unit which is a generic name for the internal system which creates the cooling or heating effect, whether it be wall, ceiling, void mounted or otherwise .
AHUAn abbreviation of Air Handling Unit and is similar to the above albeit on a larger and more centralised scale often serving smaller FCU’s.
CUAn abbreviation of Condensing Unit .This plant is generally located externally or within a plant room and deals with the heat rejection/ absorption .The CU is nearly always coupled with an AHU or FCU dependent upon the style of system offered.



An industry abbreviation for the type of system concept offered. In this case it stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume /Flow. These systems are of an energy efficient nature whilst retaining extremely small footprints and reduced noise levels.
DXDX or Direct expansion is a system concept where refrigerant gas is utilised as the cooling medium and water is not utilised /circulated.
CHWAn abbreviation of Chilled Water and is often used when referring to water chiller style solutions.
HRVHeat Recovery Ventilation. An energy efficient fresh air ventilation system offering fresh air make up and exhaust air. These systems are often in addition to air conditioning or heat pump systems.
LPHWAn abbreviation for Low Pressure Hot Water and really is self explanatory in the fact that low pressure hot water is pumped/ circulated around a coil within a FCU/ AHU to heat the area served .
Water ChillerThis system concept utilises refrigerant as a cooling medium in addition to recirculating water to deal with heat rejection/ absorption.

Heat Pump


A term for a system which heats and cools via a single unit, whether it be Water Chilled or a DX system. This proves to be very energy efficient as the heating cycle is created by heat exchange as opposed to being reliant upon the assistance from electric heaters. ASHP is an abbreviation for air source heat pump.
PAC or CRACPrecision Air Conditioning or Computer Room Air Conditioning. This is a term for system installed within temperature sensitive environments such as computer rooms and data centres .

General Plant Location
Every precaution will be taken when positioning plant where locations have not been specified taking into consideration the following criteria:

o Future maintenance and accessibility
o Not blocking or restricting any fire access
o Installation in a position which is sympathetic to its surroundings
o Installation to minimise malicious damage
o Keeping services to a minimum consequently increasing system efficiency and reducing cost of installation.
o Location ideally suited to system performance / reliability

Internal AHU & FCU location
Plant will be installed as central as possible to the heat load to increase efficiency and performance subject to access considerations. Remote controllers will be installed in a suitable position at an accessible level or supplied loose at our discretion. Units will be located in accordance with discussions, or unless otherwise stated in line with our recommendations.

Materials & Finish
All materials will be of a standard commercial finish unless otherwise agreed and costed. Whilst we will make every attempt to minimise the impact upon your working environment, our standard quotation does not make any allowance for colour coding or finish of an architectural nature. Additional finishes can be agreed at additional cost if required.

Building Work Considerations
All building works will be carried out by Ideal Climate Ltd in line with the schedule found within appendix A.

Project Duration / Hours Of Work
As standard the works will be carried out during normal working hours between 8AM and 5PM. In the event specific working arrangements or hours are required other than those referred to in appendix A, we will gladly re-quote to suit your needs. If the project duration is specified in appendix A of this quotation it is to be taken as a guide only. Ideal Climate take no responsibility for project extensions or any disruption caused as a consequence of the same. Damages and penalties clauses will only be adhered to in the event they are formally accepted by Ideal Climate Ltd prior to commencement of the works.

All drainage will be run or pumped to a suitable gravity outlet. Gravity drainage is generally the preferred method albeit our costs are inclusive of whichever method is selected by Ideal Climate engineering staff, unless specifically referred to as otherwise.

We have not included external drains or drip trays on external plant unless noted / requested by client during survey.

The proposed equipment will be covered by our standard comprehensive 12 months parts and labour warranty unless referred to as otherwise within appendix A. Warranties are exclusive of periodic maintenance costs (all maintenance costs available from the outlined office). The parts warranty is extendable if a maintenance agreement is entered into in accordance with manufacturers recommendations (details upon application).

Electrical Works
These works are to be carried out by Ideal Climate Limited / others in line with the schedules found in Appendix A. Full power requirement / schedule is available upon application to the outlined office should you wish to use your own preferred supplier for this element of the works.

Where customer/ site electrical circuits utilise RCD protection, should any modification or return visit be required to remedy tripping this will be chargeable at additional cost in line with our normal rates.

It is the responsibility of the appointed party carrying out the electrical works to ensure a live mains electrical connection is available ahead of commissioning inclusive of a suitably positioned isolator and fly lead for connectivity into our plant. In the event we are required to make a return visit to site to carry out the final connection, commissioning, or install the fly lead, we reserve the right to charge for these works in line with our hourly rates.

In the event we are contracted to carry out the electrical element of the works, the new installation will be accredited by an approved body where required.

Health & Safety
Ideal Climate have a firm understanding of health and safety in the workplace and have dedicated staff trained to meet current regulations and guidelines. We are available at request to submit method statements and risk assessments to meet your H&S requirements should they be required.

Service / Maintenance
Annual service maintenance costs are not included within the costs shown in appendix A unless otherwise stated in writing. Manufactures stipulate 6 monthly, preventative maintenance visits to uphold warranty and ensure correct, efficient operation of the plant. We will be happy to forward all service and maintenance costs upon request.

Standard Exclusions
The following standard exclusions will apply. Should any additional exclusions be referred to within appendix A; these are to be considered in addition to the following:

1. Anything not specifically referred to in this quotation.
2. We reserve the right to stop work and call in outside specialists at extra cost to yourselves to remove hazardous materials or substances such as asbestos etc. should they be discovered during the course of our work.
3. Re-decoration / colour matching of surfaces where made good by Ideal Climate.
4. All waste produced by the installation will be disposed of in the client’s waste bins/area unless agreed otherwise.
5. This quotation is valid for 14 days only.
6. Any third-party permissions, approvals or similar, relating to although not limited to, planning, building control and landlords consent.
7. Setup of WiFi control options onto the clients home network.
8. Any works associated with the appointment of a structural engineer. These works if deemed necessary will be charged at additional cost. It is the client’s responsibility to instruct these works prior to works being carried out as any remedial works will be deemed as chargeable.
9. It is the responsibility of the client (purchasing party) to ensure that Ideal Climate have free issue of washing, toilet facilities and electrical resources required (upon site) to assist the installation process e.g. power points to accommodate power tools.
10. It is the responsibility of the purchasing party to ensure the building has adequate gas and electrical infra-structure to accommodate the proposal outlined within appendix A. In the event a survey of the infra-structure is required, this is a discretionary service and may be charged at additional cost.
11. It will be accepted that crane cancellation costs due to bad weather conditions will be the responsibility of the client. However it will be a joint decision to cancel between the main contractor, the craneage contractor and the client. The dictating factor will be one of health and safety and whether the craneage contractor believes the lift is safely achievable. Any consequent charges related to re-booking a road closure or extending the programme will also be the responsibility of the client.
12. Fire dampers / barriers / intumescent seals / collars / interfaces for remote shutdown and cabling is excluded unless specifically noted within appendix A all to be undertaken by 3rd party client appointed specialist, including fire sealing / builders works / making good and access hatches.
13. Refrigerant leak detection / design / calculations are excluded unless specifically noted within appendix A, all to be undertaken by 3rd party client appointed specialist where needed.
14. Controls. Modifications, adjustment or any works associated with centralised controls whether this be in the format of BMS, BEMS, or air conditioning manufacturer specific centralised controllers are excluded unless specifically referred to. These works can be quoted for and are in addition to any maintenance agreement (one off or otherwise), service repair, or installation works we undertake.
15. In the unfortunate event we are unable to commence, continue or complete any works as a consequence of pandemic outbreak, lockdown or otherwise, the works will be deferred by Ideal Climate Ltd until such a time they can be re-scheduled.
16. If an outdoor unit (condensing unit) is to be mounted to the external wall of a property, there is a small chance of vibration and resonance internally. Should any remedy be required to install anti vibration mounts or otherwise, these works will be at an additional cost and quoted for in addition.
17. It is the customers reasonability to ensure any loft or attic space is suitably boarded allowing our engineers to gain access and work safely. In the event of any loft or attic space being insufficiently boarded the customer agrees to indemnify Ideal Climate against any claim, loss or otherwise, due to any damage which might sustained as part of the works.

Risk and Title
Risk passes to the buyer upon delivery of the goods to site. The ownership of the goods remains the property of Ideal Climate Ltd until paid for in full.

System Failure
In the unfortunate event of system failure deemed a consequence of our workmanship (parts failure or otherwise) we disclaim liability for any attributable costs whether a consequence of downtime, inefficiency or otherwise. The system will be repaired or remedied as soon as the resource/parts become available. Repairs will be carried out under warranty if we are at fault and will be deemed chargeable if not.

Terms and Conditions of Trading
Our standard ‘Conditions of Sale’ will apply unless otherwise agreed in writing. These are issued via separate attachment.

Value Added Tax
The price quoted does not include VAT, and to the extent that the goods and services provided by us under the contract are, or may be subject to VAT, the contract price will increase by the gross amount of VAT chargeable thereon.

Alternative Selection
The package is offered as our interpretation of your requirement given our preferred choice of manufacturer and selection of product. More cost-effective alternatives may be available upon further application to the outlined office. Ideal Climate will also be happy to quote systems equivalent to our competition’s offerings should this aid the selection process. Alternatives will be subject to the solution being ‘fit for purpose’ and meeting our own internal quality standards.

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