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Home Office Air Conditioning

Home Office Air Conditioning

Home office air conditioning can make a real difference, allowing you to concentrate, even when the heat is on, and as UK temperatures continue to rise, air conditioning within a home office is slowly becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

Home Office Air Conditioning Solutions

Here at Ideal Climate, we are experts in home office air conditioning and offer a range home office air conditioning solutions that can be tailored to the individual needs of you and your home office, and are able install, service and repair a wide range of fixed home office air conditioning units to help you work more efficiently at home.

The Benefits of Home Office Air Conditioning

Outside of maintaining a more comfortable climate within your home office, there are many other benefits of home office air conditioning, including:

• Improving air quality within a home office through the filtration of airborne particulates and pathogens.
• Improving respiratory health.
• Improving sleep hygiene, mental health & wellbeing.
• Improving concentration when working from home.
• Reducing humidity within a home office
• Reducing the risk of mould growth within a home office.
• Reducing odours within a home office.
• Reducing insects and parasites within a home office.

Home Office Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency

As energy prices continue to rise, homes across the UK are starting to feel the pinch, and as such, a large number of the questions we’re asked relate to home office air conditioning energy efficiency.

For the most part, home office air conditioning units are actually very energy efficient, especially when used in heating mode, given that all systems offer both heating and cooling from a single system.

However, it is very difficult to make exacting energy usage comparisons without knowing the environment your system is to be installed into. For example, the size of the room, ambient temperature and building construction all make a difference, although, we can make one clear statement, all of our home office air to air heat pump air conditioning systems will use less than half of the energy (in most circumstances) of standard electric heating.

Energy savings in cooling mode are much more difficult to calculate as there are no products that cool during the warmer months to compare our energy efficient home office air conditioning systems against. However, the logic and technology is the same in both heating and cooling modes, and therefore, when 1 KW of energy is used in cooling mode, this this will provide around 2-3 KW of cooling, based upon good system design and correct equipment selection.

As an example, should you use a 3 KW hot tub in the summer, a home office air conditioning system rated at 3 KW will only use between 1 & 2KW in cooling your rooms, on a typical summers day.

To further contextualise, a 3 KW home office air conditioning system, will use between 1 and 2 KW to cool 2 to 3 rooms, size dependant of course. This means you could be financially better off sitting in your air conditioned home office, rather than looking at alternative means to cooling yourself down !!

The facts are proven whereby GOV.UK allow us to offer energy efficient home office heat pump air conditioning installations VAT free as an incentive. Our home office air to air heat pump air conditioning systems help reduce CO2 emissions, saving you money in the process by reduced running costs (when compared to traditional methods) and discounted installation cost as they are zero rated for VAT .

There has never been a better time to invest in home office air conditioning, so call us today for free advice and quotation.

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